Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy Bee

Please excuse the lack of exciting creations for a little moment. I am prepping for an upcoming fundraising night, so trying to get a little supply sorted which is keeping me on my toes... not to mention the two little four year olds constantly on my hammer! This is what is staring me in the face at the moment... I am feelilng a little overwhelmed... and, yes mum, I have folded all of my washing too, and my basins are clean!

Three Frillies nearing the final stages, they will look much prettier when I have finished, trust me ;)

Four more Frillies cut out ready to be stitched, frilled and put together...

Five Birdie Sling's (Amy Butler pattern) cut and ready to be put together...

and some new fabric delivered yesterday that I am dying to play with.

Sorry there's nothing finished to show you, won't be long and there'll be lots and lots of goodies to see!

Enjoy your week, bye for now.

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Cute as Buttons said...

Your bags are beautiful, Kathy. Kim has been raving about them. Kind regards, Lisa.