Friday, June 22, 2012

... signing off ... {for now}

Hi there anyone who still checks in, I have been a very bad blogger, apologies. Every now and then, things need to be reassessed, and I am at this point right now... have been for a wee while. I set up this blog as a little outlet for my creativity, a way to showcase my love of designing and making pretty things with my hands, as well as a way to say 'hello world' this is me :) For some time now, my creative mojo has simply vanished, the desire to create has gone; vamoose! just like that! and with it went my desire to continue blogging.

There were a few recent knocks to my work with a publishing disappointment, followed up with a string of email requests commenting on the price of my cards and whether I could customise items then offer them at discounted rates... and I think it all just became a bit much to take after putting in so much work, so I have thrown myself into a string of morning teas with dear friends, some study, am heading back to teaching next term, and giving my girls and my dear hubby all of me, all the time... and I am feeling the happiest I have for a long time.

So, for now, I'll say see you later, I may be back, but I may not too:) Take care and enjoy where your journey takes you. (Image is from Mary Ruffle - discovered on Pinterest)