Thursday, September 10, 2009

Calendar, Card and Cooking

So this is actually Friday's post, did it up yesterday arvo to save time as today is a busy day, and have just realised that when I do it a day ahead and save it, it actually comes up as the post of the day I saved it, oh well, not optimal, but the techy challenged part of me can't seem to work out how to change it, sorry.
A bit of everything in today's post. I make Clint a desk calendar each year for Father's Day, this is the one from this year that we gave him last weekend. It will take pride of place on his desk when the new year begins.... which is fast approaching scarily enough!

I used heavy card (chipboard) covered in some yummy SU papers for the base, joined with some folded lighter card in an accordian type fold so it stands alone, my trusty Bind-it-All pulled it all together.

Here's a scary thought.... my first Christmas card... EEEKKKK! I make about 30 cards for my mum each year, and need about the same myself so figured I would start early this year to avoid the usual end of year pressure and late nights! This one's for you Mum, I know you'll know who it's for ;)

And, lastly, this. I just love this funky little number that arrived yesterday (was so excited, I didn't even take the tag off!). My pics don't do it justice, but this is my new cooking apron, made by the lovely Elke from Wonderland Avenue's store on Etsy -

Do you think anyone would notice if I wore it out? So comfy and such a lovely cut, I don't want to take it off.... not to mention it's made from Amy Butler fabric, which, let's face it, you all know I am a little obsessed with. Thanks Elke:)

Hope your weekend plans all come together, have a good one :)

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Big Jonah said...

I thought for a second you were now branching off into making aprons - I thought my god the woman is a machine! It looks very nice - not for me though, I don't spend enough time in the kitchen to warrant wearing an apron!