Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Invitations

My BG Cupcake stamps finally arrived today, after being MAJORLY let down by the initial online store I bought them through, I had to order them from elsewhere. I have been needing them to make the girls birthday invites... well, you know how it is, sure I have a gazillion other stamps, but I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting THIS one. Anyways, I am liking the final product, sorry about the PS eraser bits all over the pics - tried my best, they do look better in the flesh.


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Invites look great Kathy, nice job.

Brooke said...

Kathy - the invites are adorable, you are so clever!! I can't believe you managed to get them all done in 1 day (didn't you say you got the stamp today)? I bet the girls adore them. Hope you are planning to post me one...