Monday, October 5, 2009

Slack blogger... Sorry : (

I am really struggling to find the time to do any crafting of late... to get five minutes to upload a quick note and pic is even a little difficult at the moment. I know the mother's out there will understand. My two girls are being quite intense of late, and very demanding of my time... not to mention a steady stream of visitors (which has been really nice), and the constant house work and stuff, which is pretty full on with the regularity of dust storms in Brisbane of late. I am not one to start a project that I cannot finish in a day or two, so have had to let the crafty stuff go till I can get a decent block of time to get back to it. I am really missing it!

Thankyou for being patient with me, and I will get back to making some lovely things to share on the blog shortly, but for now, a picture of some hibiscus growing in our garden at the moment. Enjoy!

Smiles, bye : )

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Cute as Buttons said...

I hear you Kathy. Still think you're amazing. Really like the new header. Lisa.