Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bags, bags, bags...



...they're very useful things...any other Playschool fans out there?
I am getting all of my wares ready this week for a little local fundraising night this Friday. Don't they all look pretty hanging around together? These are made using Janelle Wind's Frilly Dilly pattern. I have been building a small supply for the night. Any leftovers after Friday will be put in my Etsy store.

After making these lovelies, I am having a wee break from the bag making, and madly prepping for the end of year things... Christmas card and gift making, Christmas outfits for the tiddles, birthday things for the girls which is also in December, and other little bits and pieces... and apparently the girls have told me I am making them a full Rainbow Unicorn costume for Halloween.. yeah, right, ok, well good luck with that one! They only know about Halloween because my birthday falls on the same day. So I am thinking a headband with a cardboard horn on it should be sufficient, my skill levels really won't take me beyond that point unfortunately.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Smiles :)

PS. so for some reason, every now and then, the piccies are not showing up on my screen. Is this happening for you too? Not sure what is going on, let me know if you have any tips. Thanks

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