Friday, October 16, 2009

Coming your way, Mother Goose!

I have been madly making some more Christmas cards today, these ones are bound for my Mum's collection. She does love the traditional Christmas colours, so I have made them all to her liking.. see mum, I do listen...honest. Look out for these in the post Mother Goose ;)

I am excited that the weekend is here... almost. We have a gardening... well, more like a destructive gardening, weekend planned here, need to get rid of some plants and the rendered mailbox to make way for the new fence and gates which go in next week... I know you didn't need to know that, but I am in a rambling kind of mood. I have dibs on the sledgehammer.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever it takes you. I'll go now to save you from anymore useless information that doesn't need to fill your head. Smiles, bye bye :)


Cute as Buttons said...

Oh no. I like knowing what is going on in everyone's corner of the world. Don't do yourself an injury before Friday! Lisa.

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Kathy , thankyou for your lovely comment on your blog it is much appreciated , take care .