Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Deer Me...

The fruits of this weekend's labour... the girls were a little sad about this one, "Don't cut into Bambi", they were wailing, it was quite funny. They were particularly distressed when I made 'Bambi' into frills and they couldn't see the whole body... 4 year olds just don't understand Mummy's vision of creativity, do they?

These colours were a little out of my comfort zone, not sure if you may have noticed, but I like pink, lots and lots of pink. This is my first bag with no pink, even my Springtime Dillies have at least a little pink, but no pink to be seen here whatsoever. The fabric I have used is from Michael Miller's 'Orchid and Spa' range, on a nice lightweight denim cotton base.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy Kathy, looks great made up. Poor little deers though :P