Monday, November 1, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Hi there, with November upon us, it is time to get cracking on my Christmas Card making adventure. Each year, I make my Mum's Christmas cards, and my own, making it a total of about 60 between us... I tend to not make any for my Etsy store, as this is enough to keep me busy for a wee while.

As I have said in my past few posts, my little girls have been quite sick, with viral tonsilitis, so lots of high temps and laying about with not much energy, I have set up their little matresses in my crafty space and have been working in a mad flurry, utilising the time in between jelly and custard making, and snuggles, to make a few Christmas cards. It's quite amazing what you can get done when you don't trip out to the local Westfield's most days... sure Gloria Jean's and David Jones may be going broke without my business ;-) but look what one can achieve when you can't leave the house!

I have just about finished Mum's, I have used mostly traditional colours for most of them, here is a just a few of the 30 I have so far...

Have your Christmas preparations begun yet?

Thanks for stopping by, smiles and bye for now.

Card Ingredients:
♥ Too many to list, if you want to know any details, please just ask ♥ 


Tamara said...

They are all gorgeous!

Rowena said...

They are so beautiful, now I'm inspired. I've been busy making Birthday card books and crocheting rugs for christmas presents but now I think I better start on cards. Hope the twins are feeling better, my lot have had the same kind of thing since the holidays, they have no tonsils anymore but still the viral infection in their thoarts, it seems every night one of them is up coughing until they're sick. Anyway, life goes on and there's always your blog to inspire me. Cheers, Rowena