Friday, November 26, 2010

11 Years on...

Hi there Blog Friends. The years seem to fly by so very fast, it seems like only yesterday, I did a little post about my 10 year wedding anniversary, and tomorrow marks number 11.

I can simply say, without boring you too intently, that I dearly love this man as much... if not more, than the day I married him. He is a treasure of a fellow, and the moment he drove up and ordered a Cheeseburger was the moment I knew I would be his for the rest of my life.

Our match is simply made in heaven... or in the McDonald's Drive Thru in this particular case. He is my best friend, and such a special man to me and our little munchkins.

Happy Anniversary my dear boy  I love you and I am very sorry we can't really celebrate tomorrow (I am off for a little bit of minor surgery, nothing to worry about, just a real poop that it has to be on our anniversary).  

Bye for now, enjoy your weekend wherever it takes you.

Please excuse my recycling of photos from last year... we were married in the 'olden days' ... remember that time before digital cameras (yes, then)... that time where you only have the actual papery photos... that time of no discs to store photos on...that time where if you want photos on your computer, you need to buggerise around scanning the photo on your photocopier, resize it, crop and trim it, and then finally upload it... so needless to say, I am happy to simply use the ones from last year where the buggerising around has already been done... I have a bag to pack;)