Saturday, October 30, 2010


Evening Blog Friends, I was feeling the need to do something crafty today, but also needed to be beside my wee Lara who is still struggling with some really high temps, so I got out a few supplies, parked myself on the loungeroom floor beside my munchkin and got stamping and punching to make some little tags to pop in my Etsy Store. I put these tags on the little I-Phone covers I made for my dear friends, and they were a real hit, so I thought some other Handmade Lovelies might like them on their lovely treasures too ;-)

How cute is that little stamp? I it!

Thanks for stopping by, and thankyou to the lovely ladies who have left me a little blog love, it's really nice to know I am not talking to myself... because I tend to do that a bit.

Enjoy your weekend.


Moags and Smeet said...

I really like those - very cute tags/stamp.

Mira Narnie said...

I LOVE EM! what a clever crafter you are xx