Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pedal Power

Hi there blog friends, we are busy enjoying the school holidays in our household, how about you? My car is all good again, a computer gliche apparently... not only does technology affect our blogging and stuff, but the cars of today are so 'techy' that they are also vulnerable to these kinds of things... I know Dad... I should have bought a 78 Kingswood, then I wouldn't be having these problems... ;-) but a car that has all the little gadgets like I-Pod connection, DVD player and auto absolutley everything is pretty cool to cruise around in when all is tickety boo. Thankyou for your kind words and concern Brenda, Tessa, Steph and Marie ♥

Anyways, with our wings no longer clipped, we have had a spot of shopping this morning at the girls new favourite shop... Smiggle... and now we are bunkering down at home creating some crafty fun with the morning's purchases, giving me a little time for a spot of blogging.

Today's card share is in light of the fact that this would be one way of getting around if my car dies again... if you saw the hills where I live, you'd be laughing now... if you knew my utter fear of participating in anything physical, you'd be laughing even harder... (I am cursed with the sheer skill of complete uncoordination - I am the girl who falls off the step in the step aerobic class, the one who falls down the stairs and chips bone off her elbow at the in-laws Christmas lunch, you know the kind, when the action of actually putting one foot in front of the other and not tripping takes real concentration?) So as a rule of survival, I generally leave any type of exercise to the professionals.

That said, how cute is this Hero Arts stamp...

I thought these would be cute as little thankyou's for a girls party.

Thankyou for stopping by, see you next time.

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Down that Little Lane said...

They would be just that... Love a pink drifter on my thank you cards xx