Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello there Blog Friends. I am madly trying to compartmentalise (is that a word?... well it is now) my thoughts as we are off on Saturday for a little family holiday for the week, so I am needing to be organising clothes, groceries, house stuff, car stuff, stamp orders stuff... etc, but at the moment all I can really focus on is card making! I am very excited to share that I will be participating in my very first market on Saturday 9th October - the BrisStyle Indie Mother and Child Markets over at Hamilton, so I am already diving head first into creating so I have enough stock and am all organised. I do tend to be a little bundle of nerves in the company of adults... kids... no worries, throw me in a room of 50 of them and I am in my element... but adults... I am a bit of a basket case! So, I figure if I start planning and get my act together early, then hopefully my nerves will calm themselves down on the day... well that's the plan anyways;-)

Seeing as I will be absent from my little blog for a little over a week, I thought I would make it a post full of photos of the current workings of my little SweetSimplicitee space. I do hope you see something you like.

How cute is this little rubbery monkey!

I am also loving this little sparkly acetate tree. I haven't added the Ingredients list for these cards as there are too many things to list and I really must start writing myself lists and packing stuff, but if there was something you wanted details for, please shoot me a quick email and I will get back to you as soon as I can :-)

Thankyou for popping in to see what has been filling my days. Enjoy the rest of your week, I will be back a little later in the month. Bye for now.

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Jenny said...

Awww these are soooo cute. You should have saved these and submitted them to PC magazine. They are having a call for baby cards in non traditional colors. Maybe make some other ones. Too adorable. Might have to scraplift one ;) lol