Sunday, May 29, 2011

Market Wrap

Hi there blog friends. The BrisStyle girls hosted yet another fabulous event last Friday night for the BrisStyle Twilight Markets and I had an absolute blast. I am always amazed at the organisational skills of the BrisStyle girls. It was a beautiful night, and not too chilly when snuggled under the marquees with some lovely new crafty friends.

I have to admit that the highlight of my night was when a lovely pair of ladies appeared at my stall, mentioning that one of them had discovered my blog recently and popped along to check out my wares... thankyou... you made my night... I felt like a star for a wee moment ♥ . I, once again, forgot to take any photos... I was a little busy most of the night which was a real treat... it started early, before the markets had even kicked off, when a lovely fellow, who was on his way to an engagement do, saw me setting up and remembered he needed a card... it was nice to be able to save the day;-)

Anyways, a night amongst other creative folk has done wonders for my craft mojo and I have been a busy little bee since creating some new designs for my online stores, which I hope to upload this week. Here's a little peek for now...

I also wanted to share some photos of what my cherubs have been busy doing on the floor beside me while I have been busy creating...

a unicorn

a rainbow with clouds

...who needs elaborate toys when you have a bucket full of buttons?

Enjoy what is left of the weekend, thanks for stopping by ♥

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