Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Birthday Post

On the 16th December 2004, our day was full of concern and chaos. Things happened so fast and it is all a bit of a blur to us now. The girls had become impatient in my crowded little tummy home, and decided it was time to leave the nest and meet us, only thing was is that they weren't supposed to do that until March the next year. They sure had an early and shaky start to life, and if you had of asked me this time 5 years ago about celebrating their 5th birthday, I seriously didn't think we would have got here. But against it all, I have two gorgeous healthy little girls, who can tackle just about anything thrown their way. They are the sunshine in our day, and an absolute joy to be around... most of the time, hee hee;)

Yesterday was their "real" birthday and we had so much fun. They had some of their kindy friends over for a little party...


...we played pass the parcel... the horn on the unicorn (I had never heard of this one, whatever happened to the poor old donkey?)...


... and had lots of fun playing with new toys.


My sister in law, Brooke, posted THIS over at her blog yesterday. Thankyou Brooke and Will, these gorgeous pillows are so beautiful and are now sitting proudly on the girls beds.

Thankyou to everyone for your birthday wishes, Lara and Tahlia had lots of fun, and Clint and I truly appreciate all of you.

Smiles:) bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lara and Tahlia from one of your besties at Kindy Kate and her cheeky brother Hunter. I hope we can catch up soon. I have your pressies ready and waiting. Hope u had a wonderful party yesterday. So sorry we couldn't come. Love Always Kate. xxx