Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lazy Photographer

Hi there Blog Friends. I have to confess to being a little lazy at the moment. I do love crafting, but the time it takes to photograph each creation, upload, crop and watermark each photo, then the added steps of resizing for my Etsy and MadeIt stores, just makes things quite difficult at times. It is time that could be used to make more goodies, fold a basket of washing, etc. So today's share is a quick pic of the cards I have made this morning, all in a messy pile, each eagerly awaiting the moment to be photographed on their own.

I received an order of stamps yesterday, so this is the aftermath of their maiden voyage. I am really loving all the silhouette stamps around at the moment... can you tell? Also check out that cute typewriter, globe and telephone too.. love it.

I really need an outlet for my cards... my box boxes of already made packaged cards has surpassed 500 items now! WAAAYYYY too many to photograph and list... I think I may need help... is there a crafters anonymous hotline out there?

How do you find the time to photograph and upload your creations if you have an online store or similar? Do you enjoy that part of the creative process, or procrastinate like me? I'd love to hear from you.

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