Friday, April 1, 2011

...and the dish ran away with the spoon...

Hello there blog friends. It has been a busy week in our household, but certainly a fun one, full of cross country races, and musical fun. The little munchkins had a special concert at school. The song for the day was Hey Diddle Diddle, and after the initial shock of having to sort costumes in one day... as I had thought the concert was next Friday {insert panicked scream here}, we did okay.

The cow was a cheapy shop gem that I stumbled across in the Easter section while trying to find a bunny ear headband that I could use as a base for cow horns... imagine my surprise when I found the whole suit for only 15 buckeroonies!!!! Bargain... and a great additon to the dress up box!

I had lots of ideas for the spoon... but when I found out that I actually had only one day, my elaborate plans kind of went out the window... I had planned on doing it all this weekend.. now I have some R and R time with my cherubs up my sleeve;) Anyways, I went the easy option and thought this shiny tie (from the same cheapy I love those shops!) kind of worked as a spoon handle, so I stitched it onto a black shirt and Daddy made the headpiece, with some paper plates and the trusty old alfoil. The girls had a lovely time and loved their outfits.

That's all from me today, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

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