Monday, August 30, 2010

{Beautiful Blogger Award}

Sometimes, it's like the universe knows just when you may need a little 'pick me up' moment in your life. Recently, I have had two such moments, that have come along at the perfect time. Firstly, I won a little giveaway over at Clare's blog, thankyou so much Clare ♥ for the beautiful book, I did get a little lost in all the loveliness of it over the weekend :-)

Secondly, I checked into the blog this morning to find that I had been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely Gail from After All These Years. Thankyou Gail ♥

Now, it is my job to let you know 10 things about myself. I do tend to avoid anything overly personal on my blog, so I hope this gives you some insight into who I am, at least a little bit ;-)

1. I love lollies – can’t get enough of them, milk bottles, strawberries and creams, red frogs, snakes, musk sticks... not a big chocolate fan, just lollies.

2. I don’t like tuna, the smell makes me ill. I once sat beside a lady on a plane who opened a can of tuna, and I had to be sick. Trouble is that dear Hubby loves it, so I have to leave the kitchen when he is enjoying it... yuck... makes me ill thinking about it.

3. I am a complete sucker for romantic comedies. I can watch my favourites over and over and have a cupboard full of my faves on DVD.

4. I have no issues about age, it is a state of mind. I recently got personalised plates with my year of birth on them, and I couldn’t care less who knows my age, I am comfortable in my own skin, so it never bothers me, I still find my own birthdays really exciting, and always will I am pretty sure. By the way, I am 31, soon to be a joyful 32 :-)

5. I miss my old job. I loved being a primary school teacher and feel that chapter is not yet closed. I do love being a mum more though, and hope that when my munchkins are a little older, I can reopen the teaching book, and add a few more pages to it.

6. I am a die-hard Twilight fan, yes one of those, oh the shame, the horror! Had you guessed it? I keep it quiet, yes I am a little embarrassed to admit that I got completely lost in vampire books designed for teenagers – they were the first and only books that I have read since I had littlies, I have read them twice (cringe.. well you do want complete honesty, don’t you?). I buy the movie cover version of the books as they are released, as well as owning the original author cover versions, have both DVD's and will buy the others as they are released, and, yes, I am team Edward all the way.

7. My husband is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We have known each other for 14 years, and been married for almost 11 of those, and my heart still skips a beat when I see him each day. I can tell him anything, and do, and love him dearly.

8. I don’t like fizzy drinks, unless they are mixed with alcohol.

9. I am quite unsteady on my feet. I often fall down stairs, up stairs or trip over my own feet. Yes, if you were at a Gold Class viewing at Chermside of Eclipse about a month ago, I was the girl who fell up the steps, and landed sprawled out flat on my stomach between the final and second final rows with my head almost hitting the crotch of the waiter who had the hot chocolates on board on my way down.

10. Lastly, I don’t like wearing make-up. It makes me feel all icky in the face after a little while, so I avoid it as much as I can. When I do, it’s Bare Escentuals, and it’s lucky to get used a couple of times a month.

My next task is to pass this special award onto more beautiful bloggers, I am going to bend the rules just a little and pass it onto 5 lovelies, I check into these beautiful blogs almost daily for a little slice of heaven, I hope you enjoy too,
  1. Clare's Craftroom
  2. Cuggles Creations
  3. Cute As Buttons
  4. Janelle Wind
  5. Mon Petit Poppet
Thanks again for checking in to see what I have been up to, enjoy your week.


Gail L said...

Thanks for sharing! Ah yes, Twilight. Me too!

clare's craftroom said...

It's lovely to get to know you a bit better ! I'm so glad you liked the book , you are such a welcome visitor in my little space .
Thankyou for thinking of me for this award , I do appreciate it .

Cuggles! Kids said...

Thank you Kathy!!! I know its a bit belated but think I have a pretty good excuse. : ) Will enjoy catching up on what I've missed on your blog over the next little while. Kim