Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh Dear...

Hi there blog friends, I trust you had a lovely week. Mine has ended a little sadly, I have just finished drowning my sorrows in a Maccy D's Chocolate Frappe (beware, these things are DANGEROUS as they are just too readily available in the drive-thru)... after a morning that saw one of my 6 year old (7 in 2 weeks) girls say to me in the car on the way to school, "Mum, can we not do the kiss and cuddle at school anymore as I do find it to be a waste of my time" ... oh my... I do admit to having to fight back tears as I happily responded, "If that's what you want honey"... and that was it, off she strutted into her year 1 classroom leaving me out in the cold (well, hot and humid, but you get the idea) just like that. I guess one good thing (there are loads actually) about having twins, is that the other cherub has told me she still wants me to walk her to her classroom even when she is in year 12... she was super snuggly and kissy at the door... chalk and cheese they are!

Sorry... enough of the rambling... I took the rambling part out of my blog title as I figured my posts were mainly about cardy stuff... perhaps I should put it back in... anyways.. I did it again, ooops.

In amidst my tales of woe and sadness, I have been working on a couple of gift tag packs for little pressies for some special folk in our lives. I am still a little doily-crazy, so wanted to add some to my gift tags this year like I did on this card.

And anyone who knows me knows that it's just not right until the packaging details have been added.

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for stopping by:)


TLN said...

Oh dear indeed :( A friend was recounting a similar tale of tears at the end-of-year concert. I guess you just have to keep in mind that as they grow up, new adventures begin - and now matter how old they grow, we all need a mom-hug every now and then!

Down that Little Lane said...

On sweetmy heart breaks....that'll be me for sure one day..

I love your packaging, just love it x

SarahMac said...

Oh my! I am not looking forward to this day. I feel sad just thinking about it :-(

Kathy said...

I know, it's a sad time sometimes in mummy land isn't it? Do you remember me yet?? See, I knew I blended into the furniture!! Ha ha;)